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Saddle Up! helps children and young adults with disabilities through therapeutic, educational and recreational experiences with horses, and is a cause near and dear to my heart. On February 7th, I’ll be raising funds for rider scholarships through the Pony Up! for Saddle Up! campaign, and I need your help! Click on my team link to donate or join my team, and help me reach my goal of $XXX by March 4th! [insert team link here] 


I [volunteer at / fundraise for / donate to] Saddle Up! because [insert personal connection to mission here]. Now, I’m asking you to help me support this wonderful organization by donating to my Pony Up! for Saddle Up! team [insert team name] between now and March 4th. The goal of the Pony Up! campaign is to raise $35,000 to provide financial aid for Saddle Up! rider families. Be a part of funding the Saddle Up! mission and donate today! [insert team link here]


Saddle Up! provides 200 Middle Tennessee children and young adults with disabilities with a nurturing and inclusive setting where they can learn and grow. This spring, I’m participating in a fundraiser to ensure all families with special needs children can use their services regardless of their financial situation. Donate to my Pony Up! for Saddle Up! team by clicking here by March 4th: [insert team link here].